Science of Spin, Inc.TM

#1 Favorite program among educators & students
for over 20 years.

Compare this instructional program with other yo-yo shows:

* The educational Science of Spin presentation. Nothing else like it.
* The spintastic performance of champions who have toured throughout the U.S. and the WORLD teaching the art of yo-yoing and top spinning.
* Exclusive state-of-the-art take-apart yo-yos that solve tangled string problems and are pre-adjusted for beginners play. The best you can buy...and guaranteed.
* Not just a show, but an exciting science performance and an all-day instructional program with hands-on skill building.  Other yo-yo programs simply entertain.
* Science of Spin is the ONLY program that also contains both an Academic and Physical Education component.

Choose wisely!

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Why Choose the 'Science of Spin?'

Your 'Science of Spin' Masters

- Experience presenting to and teaching over 30,000 students every year for over20 years.

- Professional Yo-Yo and Spin Top Champions working with your students in P.E.

- Known Nationally and Worldwide for yo-yo and spin top excellence

100% participation, 100% of the time

Yo-Yos/Tops provided for classes

Success & Safety are the Rules