Science of Spin, Inc.TM

#1Favorite program among educators & students
for over 20 years.

School References/Comments
          (Texas first, then alphabetical by State and City)

"Can't say enough positive.  Kids, staff and parents have been very impressed with yo-yos provided and skills taught."  "Val entertained us while sneaking in lots of science info about inertia, planes of spin, mass distribution etc."
                Beth Swiatek, PTA Programs Chair
                Vaughan Elementary, Allen, Texas

"Students were excited to learn science vocabulary and see how the terms relate to the real world in the form of pulleys, levers ,and motion.  She continuously held the interest of 400 fourth and fifth graders!  Teachers were thrilled seeing their students get excited over the science concepts."
                Cathy Doescher, Assistant Principal
                 R.J. Richey Elementary, Burnet, Texas

"With science getting so much attention at the state level, this program was a great way to present some of the science concepts in a fun way.  I would recommend this program to anyone who needs a new and different approach to science."
                Kim Marceaux - Principal
                Blessing Elementary, Blessing, Texas

"Our older students were fascinated by the science part of yo-yoing, and immediately following the presentation, they were so excited because your presentation related to what they have learned in class.  The science teachers were thrilled and have been able to incorporate even more "science of spin" into their lessons."
                Missy Douglas, Counselor
                Curtis Elementary, Beaumont, Texas

"The material presented was extremely helpful and was a great connection to the classroom."
                 Shaye Matthews, PE
                 St. Vincent's Episcopal School, Bedford, Texas

"The science was just great.  Kids learn so much more when it is seen, not just heard or read, and when it relates to their world."
                DeeAnn Garcia - P.E. Teacher
                Mound Elementary, Burleson, Texas

" The Science of Spin was a fantastic learning experience.  The assembly kept the students spellbound....They learned words used not only in science but also math.  Seeing them "in action" helped them understand better."
               Beth McArthur, PE Teacher
               Cypress Grove Intermediate, College Station, Texas

"The Science of Spin program was highly engaging!  The students had a wonderful time in the midst of learning.  Science TEKS were beautifully supported throughout the presentation.  The presenter differentiated her presentation and activities to meet the developmental level of each group of students!"
                June Ritchlin, Principal
                Colleyville Elementary, Colleyville, Texas

" We were very pleased to have this innovative and exciting program for our students.  It provided much postive fun and followup in classes and recess sessions."
               Jeffrey Pool, Principal
               Crown of Life Lutheran School, Colleyville, Texas

"Great interaction with students during P.E. classes!"
               Mary Haltom, P. E. Teacher
               Los Encinos Elementary, Corpus Christi, Texas

"We really enjoyed your presentation, and the organization of independent practice with the tops during P.E. was outstanding!"
               Georgia Cox, P.E. Teacher
               Calallen East Elementary, Corpus Christi, Texas

"The presenter did a great job!"
               Rick Linebrink, P.E. Coach
               Annaville Elementary, Corpus Christi, Texas

"The Science of Spin is a lot of fun. The children had a great time."
               Lorenzo Moreno III, P.E. Coach
              Chula Vista Academy, Corpus Christi, Texas

"The presentation was professional and well organized. Our students thoroughly enjoyed it!"         Jim Horan, Principal
              Burleson Elementary, El Paso, Texas

"The students were very taken by the presentation. It was given three weeks ago and the students are still talking about it!"
              P.E. Teachers
              Lee Elementary, El Paso, Texas

"Fun presentation with solid science principals employed in toys.  The students were entertained and excited about what they were learning."
                Bill Soules, Phd., Principal
                Conlee Elementary, El Paso, Texas

"Your Science of Spin Program was not only fun, but our students learned scientific theories that explain many daily events....Our students not only saw science in the making but also experienced it and made it happen through your instruction.  To this day, they still remember some of the gyroscopic sensations.  It was wonderful to have you introduce science to our students through a totally new medium, which enticed our students to try new things.....Your demonstrations really boosted our students' confidence to try new skills.  Your patience and expertise combined to assist all our students master a new skill during their Physical Education period....Brawner faculty and students thank you for traveling to our school and providing us with the knowledge and fun to enjoy science in this new way."
             Carolyn Horton, Principal
             Brawner Intermediate School, Granbury, Texas

"Science of Spin is an outstanding program that ties physical education with all of the other parts of the curriculum. I would highly recommend the Science of Spin".
               Martha Underwood, P.E. Teacher
               Heritage Elementary, Grapevine, Texas

" I cannot express in words how excited and attentive our students were throughout the entire assembly.  Not only was the assembly entertaining, the students learned about many aspects of spinning science...I highly recommend the Science of Spin program to any school.  Your students will become excited about science, spinning, and yo-yos."
                Shannon Owen, Principal
                Holliday Elementary, Holliday, Texas

"Thank you for your recent Science of Spin presentation on our campus.  The students were excited about the colorful and creative presentation.  And the teachers appreciated the integration of science into the program.  We look forward to your next presentation."
               Debbie Grubbs, Assistant Principal
               Carpenter Elementary, Nacogdoches, Texas

"Thank you so much for coming in to Parkway, the kids so enjoy your programs and the feedback from parents and staff on the evening event says that you really "wow'ed" the crowd!! The big, big spinning tops were especially incredible for some of the parents and staff, and your one on one interactions with the kids after your evening program really impressed them as well."

                Michelle Perris, PTA Volunteer Coordinator 
                Parkway Elementary, Lewisville, TX 

"Your program received the highest of commendations from our faculty and adminstration.  The assembly program was motivating.  The science lesson on gyroscopic stability was excellent...we teachers learned from your lessons and demonstrations! 
Many students gained new self esteem by being able to do simple yo-yo tricks because of your instruction.  We cannot thank you enough."
              Pam Walker, Principal
              Ireland Magnet School, Odessa, Texas

"The assembly was entertaining and interesting!  She has been back to discuss the history of the top for Colonial Days.  Teachers loved the tie to the curriculum."
                 Amy Abernathy, PTA
                 Daffron Elementary, Plano, Texas  

"We enjoyed this program very much."
                Beverly Tierce, Librarian
                Prairie View Elementary, Rhome, Texas

"Hands on with the equipment during the program was awesome!"
                Melissa Hyer, PE
                Salado Intermediate, Salado, Texas

"I enjoyed the way the lessons were taught for each grade...I look forward to having another presentation next year!"
                 Bobby Barrera, Athletic Director
                 St. Luke's Episcopal School, San Antonio, Texas   

"I enjoyed the emphasis on safety, the educational lessons, and the hands-on experience."
               Gary Fortney, Administrator
               Chandler Christian School, Chandler, Arizona

"Thanks for a fun day!"
               Catherine Lucero, Principal
               St. Daniel the Prophet, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Communication has been great between the Science of Spin and myself."
               Deanne Eastin, Admin. Director
               El Dorado Private School, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Wonderful program! Outstanding management skills."
              Dora Marques, Elementary Principal
             Victory Christian, Carmichael, California

"Very well received by the students. It really kept their interest."
              Dione Beilby, Superintendent/Principal
              Plumas Elementary, Marysville, California

"Fantastic! Teachers reported that students loved doing yo-yos in PE."
              Diane Lucero, Principal
              Bend Elementary, Red Bluff, California

"Good presentation!"
              Lois Graham, Principal 
              Hubert Bancroft Elementary, Sacramento, Calif.

"Teachers commented that the presenter really knew how to handle kids-he demonstrated excellent classroom management skills."
              Lou Rubino, P.E. Teacher
              Murphy Elementary, Hartford, Connecticut

"Thanks. This program was well done and well received. I will definitely share the information."
              Eydie Sands, Assistant Principal
              Ft. Braden School, Tallahassee, Florida

"It was awesome!  The whole day 'captured' the entire student body!"
            Geri Bachman - P.E. Specialist

"The assemblies were awesome! The students learned a lot from the demonstrator. It was very motivational."
              Greg Henderson, P.E. Teacher
              Edgewood Elementary, Fruitport, Michigan

"This was a great assembly. I liked how the presenter wove the science concepts and vocabulary into his presentation."
              JoEllen Hill, Science Teacher
              General Otis School #30, Rochester, New York

"Very impressive presentation-amazing to see kids engaged for 60 minutes. Excellent integration of science concepts."
              Kristen Kiley, P.E. Teacher
              Buckman Heights Elementary, Rochester, N.Y.

"What an excellent way to teach students science terms. It was wonderful and entertaining!"
               Missy Choate, PE
               Howell Elementary, Lawton, Oklahoma

"Entertaining as well as educational."
               Steve Schraner, Principal
               Howell Elementary, Lawton, Oklahoma

"Great job!"
               Karla Maudlin, Principal
               Park Lane Elementary, Lawton, OK

I especially liked how the presenter incorporated science subjects into his presentation."
               Joy Hughes, Principal
               Pamela Hodson Elementary, Owasso, Oklahoma

"I loved how helpful the presenter was to the students and to me as a teacher."
                Kim Hightower, PE
                Hayward Smith Elementary, Owasso, Oklahoma

"Our K-1 grade students have really enjoyed playing with the tops."     Janet Smith, PE
               Burcham Elementary (K-1), Weatherford, Oklahoma

"The classroom teachers really appreciated and were impressed with the Science lessons presented in such a fun way."
               Suzan Gate, P.E. Teacher
               West Elementary, Weatherford, Oklahoma