Science of Spin, Inc.TM

Science Presentation:  Using simple spinning object such as gyroscopes, yo-yos, spin tops, diabolos, wheels, footballs  and flying discs, students are exposed to the science concepts of gyroscopic stability, rotational inertia, friction, gravity, levers, potential & kinetic energy, planes of spin and more.  Teachers and administrators are always thrilled with this presentation.

We all know that the best way for students to learn is to teach them concepts which relate to their real world experience and the Science of Spin does just that.

Physical Education:There's more!  The remainder of the day is spent with hands-on learning in the Physical Education classes, teaching the students the spinning skill art of either yo-yoing or top spinning. 

This experience reinforces the P.E. objectives of eye-hand coordination, catching skills, bi-lateral proficiency, sequencing, visual tracking and of course, teaches the benefits of practice!   Students and physical education teachers love this unit and many P.E. departments frequently make it an annual part of their P.E. curriculum.

NOTE:  It has been observed and reported that yo-yoing has a positive impact on students with ADD/ADHD.

Students are taught using proven methods with equipment designed for a positive learning experience where all students can be successful. This builds the students' self-esteem and allows them to encouraging others in the process. your own day.  All Science, all P.E. or Both!

Best of's FREE!

Knowing that funds are tight for schools, this program is available free of charge.

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The Science of Spin was developed by 1992 World Yo-Yo Champion, Dale Oliver, at the request of the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington in 1989, who wanted a program to teach the physics of spin using spinning toys.

After it's successful completion, it became a natural extension to create an elementary school program for students in grades K-5th, to teach the required Science Objectives (TEKS in Texas) of Force & Motion in a fun, interesting and entertaining way.

The Science of Spin is an all-day program, like no other.

What is the Science of Spin?

#1 Favorite program among educators & students
for over 20 years.