FORCE & MOTION Unit in A-C-T-I-O-N !
Gravity, Friction, Levers, Potential & Kinetic Energy, Distribution of Mass, Gyroscopic Stability  & More!
Science that students can relate to, demonstrated with wheels, gyroscopes, yo-yos, spinning tops, flying discs, footballs & more!
See your students engaged as they learn, like you've never seen them before!
Our assembly addresses your state's science objectives, including
the Texas TEKS Science Objectives, preparing for the STARR test.

You design your ALL-DAY program: Assemblies, PE or BOTH!
and best of's FREE!

FREE Science Assembly and/or Hands-on Spin Lessons in P.E.

Science of Spin, Inc. TM

#1 Favorite program among educators & students
for over 20 years

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