Science of Spin, Inc.TM

#1Favorite program among educators & students
for over 20 years.

Best of All...YOU can design your 'Science of Spin' day..

PROGRAM SELECTION: 1) Assembly and PE clinics
                                          2) Assembly only or multiple assemblies by grade level.
                                          3) PE clinics only

                                          4) Something else!

Fee Option.  If you choose not to do the  sales, you may purchase the 'Science of Spin' program for $895/day or $350 for the assembly only, plus travel expenses.

Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc., has designed and manufactured these high quality products specifically for the 'Science of Spin' program, making them 100% guaranteed from breakage.  Exclusive state-of-the-art take-apart yo-yos that solve tangled string problems and are pre-adjusted for beginners play, offering the highest success rate of any beginner yo-yo on the market.  This beginner's setting can alternately be changed to more advanced play as the student's skills progress.

The program typically consists of an entertaining and educational assembly (60 min), followed by hands-on instructional yo-yo or spin top clinics in your P.E. classes for the balance of the day.  Schools, however, have the ability to design the day-long program however they choose.

The first half of the assembly, suitable for all ages, is titled SPIN FUN AND SAFETY, demonstrating the art of yo-yoing while encouraging the benefits of practice in anything in life. The second segment, suitable for students in grades 3 and up, is the SCIENCE OF SPIN. Using multiple demonstrations with a variety of spinning objects and class participation, students are introduced to the physics concepts of spin (friction, gravity, levers, potential & kinetic energy, distribution of mass, planes of spin, transfer of energy, simple systems.)  Multiple assemblies may also be requested due to student population or space considerations.

Following the assembly (assemblies), yo-yo or top spinning will be taught during the remainder of the day in the P.E. classes.  A class set of yo-yos will be brought to accommodate all students. A class set will also be left with the P.E. staff for a week or two following the program, for them to continue the unit with the students.

How is it "FREE?"

Once the students have seen and have been successful with the art of yo-yoing, many will decide to purchase a yo-yo somewhere.

If the PTA, PE Department, School Store or other entity agrees to offer yo-yos and spin tops for sale for 5 days following the program, the day-long program is entirely FREE*.  There is no minimum required number of yo-yos to sell.  The school only agrees to have them available for purchase to students who wish to buy one.  Yo-yos are reasonably priced at $7.00 and $11.00, which includes the sales tax.  Should you desire, you may increase prices by $1.00 each in order to receive 10% of the total sale back for your school or PE department.

'Science of Spin' pays all required sales taxes, so the school entity does not need to use a tax free day or pay any sales taxes on the sale of these items regardless of the pricing structure chosen.'Science of Spin'also covers all travel expenses with the FREE option.

99% of schools choose this 'No Fee' option.

* The 'FREE' Option is available to schools with a student population of 350 or more. For smaller schools, 1/2 day or other arrangements must be made.

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