Science of Spin, Inc.TM

Library program fee is $225.00
- Additional mileage fee for locations over 50 miles round trip from Fort Worth, which can be shared with other libraries.
- Discounts for multiple programs on the same day.

- Program runs 30-90 minutes depending on your needs!
- Demonstration of the spinning arts of yo-yo, spin top and diabolo.  Program includes teaching some "getting started" tips on yo-yoing and a little fun 'science of spin' along the way!
- Optional hands-on yo-yo lessons depending on space and number of participants.

- Val is one of a select few "quality" performers chosen to be listed  
(See other quality programs here as well.)


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Who is Val Oliver?
Val is co-owner of Science of Spin, Inc. (formerly Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc.) and lead presenter of the Science of Spin school program, active and well-known in the skill toy industry for over 20 years.
She is the founder of the Lone Star Spinners Club in Dallas/Fort Worth.
She has and continues to participate annually in State, National and World competitions, as both a competitor and a judge.
Her titles include:
      - 2015-2016 Vice-Chairman - Board of Directors - International Top Spinner's Association (ITSA)
      - World Champion Female Top Spinner since 2006
      - 2014 Silver Medalist National Spin Top Championship
      - 2004 Recipient of the Linda Sengpiel Award for yo-yo excellence. World Yo-Yo Contest
      - 1972 Minnesota State Yo-Yo Champion

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Call 817-400-YOYO (9696)


one of the


you'll have all summer!

Val Oliver

Professional Yo-Yo & Spin Top Champion

Performing & teaching in schools and libraries across Texas & the U.S. for 20 years

Demonstrating the spinning arts of Yo-Yos, Spin Tops and Diabolos!