Who is Val Oliver?
Val is co-owner of Science of Spin, Inc. (formerly Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc) and lead presenter of the Science of Spin school program, active and well-known in the skill toy industry for over 20 years.

She is the founder of the Lone Star Spinners Club in Dallas/Fort Worth.

She has and continues to participate annually in State, National and World competitions, as both a competitor and a judge.

Her titles include:

      - 2015-2018 Vice-Chairman - Board of Directors-International Top Spinner's Association (ITSA)
      - World Champion Female Top Spinner since 2006
      - 2014 Silver Medalist National Spin Top Championship

      - 2004 Recipient of the Linda Sengpiel Award for yo-yo excellence. World Yo-Yo Contest
      - 1972 Minnesota State Yo-Yo Champion

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Val Oliver

Yo-Yo & Spin Top Pro

Bring a Yo-Yo and Spin Top Champion to your next Party!
Birthdays, Blue & Gold Banquets, Holiday Parties...
Your guests will love it!

Demonstrating the spinning arts of Yo-Yos, Spin Tops and Diabolos!

Science of Spin, Inc.TM

Yo-yos & Spin Tops are also available for purchase as prizes or party favors. 
These items are high quality and fully guaranteed.

Yo-yos are set for beginner's play, allowing success for all, and can be modified to advance with the player.

Product purchases may help to reduce your program fee.

Due to the variety of program needs, time required and travel distance, please contact Val for a quote. 
Email her at valerieyo7@gmail.com, click here or call at 817-400-YOYO (9696).

Val has been performing and teaching yo-yo and spin top skills to children and adults for 20 years.

Always a FAVORITE!
Your guests will want MORE!

Program can be geared to your specific needs and venue.

Program typically includes:

30-60 minute 'Whirled on a String' Show, demonstrating the yo-yo, spin top and diabolo.

 This is a fun, interactive and educational show, as she teaches the tips on getting started yo-yoing, as well as sneaking in a few science concepts about spin!
Sure....'Walk the Dog', 'Rock the Baby', but then there are tricks you never thought possible!

The program is followed by an optional hands-on yo-yo lesson for ages 5 & up.

.  Yo-yos will be provided for this part of the program, however, numbers and space must be considered.