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After presenting our wildly successful 'Science of Spin' program in schools across Texas and the U.S., Yo-Yo and Spin Top Professional, Val Oliver, saw a need and decided to fill it.

Elementary school is where bullying begins...and if not squashed early on, escalates into middle school, high school and even on to adulthood with severity, impact and consequences increasing right along with them.

From the Creators of the wildly successful 'Science of Spin' program...





                     CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT

Introducing our NEW school program entitled

'The Power of Spin' !
An Anti-Bullying Program with a Twist

FREE All-Day Option:

Should you choose the all-day option, top spinning or yo-yoing will be taught in the P.E. classes for the remainder of the day after the assembly.  A class set of will be brought to accommodate all students. A class set will also be left with the P.E. staff for a week or two following the program, for them to continue the unit with the students, if they wish.

How is it "FREE?"
Spinning tops and yo-yos are used throughout the assembly to demonstrate anti-bullying and tolerance concepts.  Once students have learned to be successful in their PE classes with spin tops or yo-yos, many will choose to buy one somewhere or another.

If the Counselor, PTA, PE Department, School Store or other entity agrees to offer yo-yos and spin tops for sale for 5 days following the program, the day-long program is entirely FREE*.  There is no minimum required number of products to sell.  The school only agrees to have them available for purchase to students who wish to buy one.  Prices range from $7.00 to $14.00, which includes the sales tax.  Should you desire, you may increase prices by $1.00 each in order to receive 10% of the total sale back for your school or selling entity.

* The 'FREE' Option is available to schools with a student population of 350 or more. For smaller schools, 1/2 day or other arrangements must be made.

('Science of Spin' pays all required sales taxes, so the school entity does not need to use a tax free day or pay any sales taxes on the sale of these items regardless of the pricing structure chosen. 'Science of Spin' also covers all travel expenses with the FREE option.)

- Tools to TURN a bad situation around
- How to SPIRAL UP to success

         rather than SPIRAL DOWN with struggles.

-  That they already possess the greatest Super Power...


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Date last modified: July 14, 2018

The 'Power of Spin'

To Turn Around and Shift Directions

The Power to Change!

Sure to be your students' most memorable and entertaining program of the year!

$350.00 Show Only

Show runs 45-60 minutes
(includes 50 miles Round Trip from Fort Worth location)


FREE option available for all-day program,

including hands-on skill building in P.E. !